Best t-shirt for who'll love MC Connor Gregor - Top Sunfrog Shirt 2017

Best t-shirt for who’ll love MC Connor Gregor

Just fook him up MC Connor Gregor T-Shirt, Tank Top and Hoodie

The best t-shirt, unisex tank top and hoodie – You are as strong as Conner MC

Finally the big weekend is here… I am wear t-shirt and photo shooting at the Ritz Carlton Residence with the wonderful Connor Mc… getting ready!

Real champs come back stronger, wait and see. He knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it well.

Boxing is a major part of MMA for foot work and striking so I’d say Connor does have a good chance – Conor has a few advantages over Floyd. There is another thing that gives Connor the advantage. You could disagree with me here but, MMA is a mix of all styles and techniques. A fighter that use to that sport has to be a better tactician in the ring. Boxing is standing and striking where as MMA is kicks , takedowns and other crazy moves not seen in boxing, if anything he can read where Maywheather is moving better because of this background.

So, for people who waiting for the great battle, Just fook him up MC Connor Shirt is perfect for this.

If  he’s win, It helps that Connor is a 2 time amateur boxing champion.

Floyd Mayweather vs Mc Gregor gonna be probably the most entertaining pre-match ever and the most boring boxing fight of all time.

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Best shirt for who’ll love Mc Conner

T-shirt, Unisex tank top, sweat shirt and hoodie :

Just fook him up MC Connor Hoodie
Just fook him up MC Connor Sweat shirt
MC Connor T-Shirt
MC Connor unisex tank top
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