Taurus Zodiac Horoscopes T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie - Top Sunfrog Shirt 2017

Taurus Zodiac Horoscopes T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie

Taurus Zodiac Horoscopes T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie

Taurus (20/4 – 20/5): Honest, soft hearted

Taurus is a type of person who always expresses his emotions out without hidden. However, their emotions are often not very clever, not soft, causing people to be uncomfortable or misunderstood. Whenever quarreling, Taurus words can hurt the enemy to the extreme. When fun, people will see Taurus say laugh and laugh but once angry then a sentence they also did not open mouth.

Taurus’s biggest weakness is its softness. As long as the enemy bowed to say sorry and ask for forgiveness, whatever mistakes they can also ignore. It is most afraid to see other people shed tears, Taurus then not only pity the sympathy but even agree to immediately meet all the requirements of the other, accompanied by consolation comfort.

Often, Taurus temperament is rated quite well because they have the ability to control their mood. They also quite aware of the protection of the face and self-respect of others as well. Taurus is introverted type. They do not like strange places, are not interested in gathering crowded but just want to quietly think about life.

Taurus is the second astrologer in the Zodiac, which extends the Zodiac between the 30th and 59th centuries of the celestial continent. Normally, the sun passes through the zodiac region between April 21st and May 20th every year. It is one of four Fixed Archers (along with Leo, Aquarius and Celestial) and is one of the three Elementals of Earth (together with Capricorn and Virgo). People born in these days, when the Sun is in this palace, are called Taurus. Taurus is Venus star.

Temperament: People in this constellation are gentle, calm

Advantages: Friendly, careful, loyal, practical, calm, responsible, patient, thrifty, visionary.

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