Only for PROUD Cancer T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie - Top Sunfrog Shirt 2017

Only for PROUD Cancer T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie

Only For PROUD Cancer T-shirt, Tank Top And Hoodie

Cancer (22/6 – 22/7) : Sensitive, weighty face, rich in sacrifice

Because of self-inflicted love in Cancer love story is very vulnerable. But they are also the kind of people who can be because of a super simple little things that feel happy, satisfied. Cancer is difficult to open up, putting faith and love in one person. They are easily moved, tearful and when they fall into melancholy, it is difficult to escape. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for others, steep for a relationship.

These are the people who do not like to go back to people with bad personalities and dignity because their honest and kind hearts do not fit in with cheaters or deceivers. Excessive body weight, so in some cases Cancer is willing to sacrifice physical body to protect their quality.

Cancer does not say refusal, nor does it know how to plot. The feeling of refusing someone makes them feel guilty and feels guilty so Crab often dares not say “no” to the most intimate.

Temperament: The people in this constellation are quite sensitive, discreet.

Advantages: Gentle, good-natured, rich in love, loyalty, patience, good memory, rich imagination, loving family, caring, caring for others.

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