Do You Love Scorpion T-shirt, Unisex Tank Top and Hoodie - Top Sunfrog Shirt 2017

Do You Love Scorpion T-shirt, Unisex Tank Top and Hoodie

Do You Love Scorpion T-shirt, Unisex Tank Top and Hoodie

Scorpion (24/10 – 22/11) : extreme emotions

Best shirt for Scorpion.

Lack of sense of safety, fear of injury, so when sleeping Scorpion almost never leave the pet or soft pillow. Do not let their superficial, foolproof appearance, it’s just a camouflage shell for a weak, inner heart. The personal world of a Scorpion has all kinds of emotions from ultimate happiness to extreme trauma.

Scorpion is the type of “Buddha Mind”, often let go of cynical words in the heart of love, respect very much. They are understanders, emotional control is good, but who said they have to wear masked life to mask? In love, Scorpion is hard to shake, hard to believe, hard to open heart but once loved one is not easy to give up the hand. Out of sober, cold will then be slowly peeling, exposing a heart of passionate, warm, sincere, loyal infinity.

If betrayed, Scorpion would immediately turn into a real bomb, because they are haters are extremes, extremists. Later on when things are over, no matter how hard you try to save, do not expect to receive the Spirit again.

Temperament: People in this constellation are very careful, patient and calm.

Advantages: courteousness, patience, patience, resilient, courage, trustworthiness, secrecy, adventurous, able to observe subtle, love hated riven, indomitable.

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