I'm a Virgo T-shirt, Tank Top, Sweat Shirt and Hoodie - Top Sunfrog Shirt 2017

I’m a Virgo T-shirt, Tank Top, Sweat Shirt and Hoodie

I’m a Virgo T-shirt, Tank Top, Sweat Shirt and Hoodie

            I’m a Virgo

The look cool, calm, but horrible reality Virgo is a person with a special inner depth, loyalty, hate betrayal. With the enemy, the zodiac never hands, but when they are with those who love, they are skeptical, insecure, lack of confidence. Virgo also has a habit of looking at the subject, considering the criticism is quite harsh. However, they are the “buddha buddha buddha,” not good for you will not have their critique so sharp. Virgo does not like being close to strangers, but for relatives care caring.
Once you have sent love to anyone, Virgo will devote, dedicate, stay with that person to the end. So Virgo love is mostly one-sided, silent, sad, hurt. Virgo love is not rigid or poor, but the lack of it is a flame of enthusiasm that spreads the emotions out.
People born under the Virgo charm others with their erudition. They themselves always play with the complex network of emotions created by themselves.
Temperament: The people of this constellation are very gentle and feminine.
Advantages: Diligent, meticulous, discreet, rational, clear, neat, highly tolerant, able to analyze, detail, not interested in change

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